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For the ninth year in a row, SV Festival is beating the drum for diversity in a program that, like Sydhavnen’s diverse neighborhoods and city quarters, will vibrate and resound with edge and colour, dynamic differences and new spaces of opportunity!

Under this year’s theme – NEIGHBORHOOD – we will create new connections between music scenes and urban spaces. In a time of increasing polarization, we would like to bring music, people and neighborhoods together in the hope that it will inspire new communities and promote diversity throughout the city!

Experience art pop with ØYUNN, indie/hip hop with FILUKA, nu-jazz with SELVHENTER, alt pop with BARBRO, dream pop with NANA JACOBI, electro-songwriting with TIGERMOR, adult pop with SOFIA HEDIA, classical music/performance with SOFIE THORSBRO DAN, instrument building /installation with RAGNHILD MAY & ENSEMBLE APPARAT and jazz’n’soul with BAUN and fiery Afro-jazz with SUNBÖRN + many, many more..!


Mandag 3. juni kl. 20

Hotel MOXY / Fri adgang

Tigermor + Sunny Stargaard

Markus Brandt + Anna Valgreen


Tirsdag 4. juni kl. 20

Kirkeskibet 2450 / Fri adgang

Sofie Thorsbro Dan + Sofia Hedia


Onsdag 5. juni kl. 20

Klein / Entré 90,-

Bestil billetter HER

BARBRO + Nana Jacobi


Torsdag 6. juni kl. 15 -18

Best of Bavnehøj / Gratis adgang

Skolekoncert + Ørkenfortet

Sydhavn Teater + Sunbörn


Torsdag 6. juni kl. 20

VOLUME BY DISIE / Gratis adgang

Øyunn + Filuka


Fredag 7. juni kl. 19

Christian Langes Plads / Gratis adgang

De Stive Sømænd 


Lørdag 8. juni kl. 14

Riccos Kaffebar/ Gratis adgang

Lars & UHøRT 


Lørdag 8. juni kl. 20

Klein / Entré 95,-

Ragnhild May & Ensemble Apparat


Lørdag 8. juni kl. 21.30 – 23

Klein / Entré 95,-

Josh Spear


Søndag  9. juni kl. 14 – 19

Banegaarden / Gratis adgang

Vesselil + BAUN + Selvhenter


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